Aerial drone photography and video provides your spectators and audience with amazing unique views of the action and scale of your sporting event. Do you need to broadcast your sporting event live? Our comprehensive drone services include the capability of producing live broadcast-quality drone video for events, allowing you to share the action as it happens! Concerned about crowds? Our specialty30x optical zoom stabilized drone cameras allow us to capture all the action from a safe distance.

Sporting events can be a great time to capture life’s exciting moments. While photography from ground level can be very accurate, high-definition aerial photography can capture perspectives you wouldn’t ever think about! Imagine your kid’s soccer game – the drone is hovering 50’ in the air following the action. From the first play to the final seconds of the game, capturing the thrilling action on the field and the crowd's mood in the stands is critical for sharing the sport event experience. Gamayun Media can use our cameras to shoot high definition 4K, 60 frames/second video and capture still frames at the same time. That is better than most standard movie production footage. Take that video along with the photos and turn it into a highlight reel that friends and family will be star struck by – complete with slow motion action! Now let’s take the drone to your lake for some action packed boating. Or out to the ski hill for some serious snowboard action. A GoPro on a helmet or at the back of the boat is great, but imagine the new angles we can get from the air. If you want to have fun – this is where it is at!

With Gamayun Media aerial video production, you show your audiences more than ever before, giving your message added impact.  What is more, you can have this advantage at an affordable price, because Gamayun Media has invested in the right kind of efficient, effective aerial filming technology.  Our fleet has options perfectly sized for any project, starting with the compact DJI Phantom Pro.  This small yet powerful drone is one of the most sophisticated aerial camera platforms in history, with exceptional range and flight time, making it perfect for drone video production.   One step larger, the DJI Inspire 2 is a flexible and exceptionally stable platform equipped with the RAW X5R camera, delivering amazing image quality and 4K resolution. Our Inspire 2 carries the new 5.2K X5S, with even more resolution, giving our aerial filming editors the option to digitally ‘punch in’ for more tightly-framed shots.  Finally, our Matrice M600 carries the RED EPIC 6K, a feature film-level camera. Like all our aerial video production platforms, the M600 also supports live-streaming video from mid-air, allowing us to offer you aerial video services like no other.