Aerial photography and videography have been around for years as a resort-marketing tool. However, it was cost prohibitive. Only the most prestigious resorts could afford it, so aerial perspectives gave them an edge over their smaller competitors. The investment remains worth it, and finally, it's something that smaller resorts can do as well. In fact, there's no reason they can not do it even better than the big guys. The advent of drone photography and video has eliminated the expenses associated with hiring an airplane or helicopter. Now resort marketing managers can hire Gamayun Media and showcase what their resort offers in dramatic ways that those older aerial options couldn't capture.

The shots available from an airplane or helicopter were limited to a safe distance above the resort. Close-up shots had to depend on zoom lenses. This and other physical limitations with the equipment meant what the video or photographs could show had to adapt to those restraints. Drones offer maneuverability. Once Gamayun Media obtained the proper permissions from the Transport Canada and property owners, we can get closer to the action. We can move from a ground camera perspective to one high overhead in minutes. We also can change position to render creative perspectives not possible without putting a camera on the end of a boom.

Imagery that highlights your resort's assets has always been important. In the past, the smallest resorts could only afford to depend on photographs. Photographs are great, yet they do not give an accurate feel for what a guest will experience when they walk onto your resort grounds. Now, you can add aerial photographs to build out your photo gallery because Gamayun Media's photographs can give potential guests a perspective ground-level pictures just can not capture. However, while you are employing Gamayun Media's drone for aerial photographs, why not use it as an opportunity to highlight your resort's assets through a video. Nothing beats video for increased conversions. Ground-level videos are better than no video. Yet, you will find the addition of Gamayun Media's aerial video shots will make it even easier for your potential guests to personalize the experience they anticipate if they choose your resort as their destination.

What are the assets of your resort you want Gamayun Media to highlight?

Scenery and Landscapes: You might not consider your surroundings unique, however, for someone who lives with Joshua trees and Saguaro cactus, your 'ordinary' rolling hills with tree-edged fields could be just what they're looking for. Consider anything that's natural an asset--pristine beaches, woodland trails, sand dunes, rivers, streams, rocky outcroppings, etc.

Stunning Interiors and Exteriors: Using a drone to take video of both interior and exterior shots can give a completely new perspective of your resort. Show a guest's perspective as they approach your resort by flying up the drive and through the entrance to the reception area. Use drone video to capture the view from your guest's window if the view is something worth featuring.

Cultural Heritage: Don't let your definition of 'impressive' prevent you from highlighting cultural sites in the vicinity. If your resort has an interesting heritage, emphasize it.

Sports Activities: This can be a great way to keep tourists interested in your resort both in-season and off-season. For example, many winter resort areas can be perfect for summer outdoor activities. However, they must be marketed for those summer pursuits.

Shopping and Dining: Everyone needs to eat, and many love to shop. If there's a unique dining experience or shopping experience connected with your resort, don't overlook its importance in attracting guests. Consider expanding to the surrounding town as well if it's close.

Unique Points of Interest: Ask yourself, "Is there anything of interest I've missed?" If so, consider including these things in your video.

Gamayun Media will help you to consider each element as we are scripting your resort's video. We will discuss, prioritize, and then film. You don not need a luxury resort to experience the benefits of aerial video. Just a carefully planned video that highlights what you have to offer.