If you run or own a hotel, resort or golf course, you likely manage an extremely large property. Effective management of that property consists of many things - surveying the property regularly, producing marketing material, ensuring maintenance is being performed. All of these things require a wide look at the property as a whole. But how do you achieve this on foot? When you need to be able to reach every corner of a large property fast, Gamayun Media is here to help.

We offer affordable aerial photography with the use of our state of the art drone equipment. Our drones, coupled with advanced imagery devices, can quickly and efficiently survey the entire distance of your property, all the while providing you with high resolution aerial video footage and photos. Are you putting together a brochure? Now you can get the most stunning aerial angles with our drone photography. Would you like to produce a quality introductory video that features your property? Not only can we get you aerial video footage that scales your whole property in gorgeous 5.2K definition, but we also offer video editing and production that will yield a professional and polished, branded video for your marketing efforts.

Drone photography and videography can also help you maintain your property by identifying defects or irregularities without having to send people to scout on foot. You can quickly identify any problems before they become noticeable. It is also a great way to keep your maintenance staff accountable. Having a bird’s-eye-view of everything allows you to better manage and delegate responsibilities. Gamayun Media's drones offer you higher efficiency in your resort, hotel and golf course management systems. This will inevitably have a positive impact on your bottom line as well as assist in the better serving of your customers.

Gamayun Media's aerial imagery services also allow you to create marketing pieces that stand out above and beyond your competition. You’ll be able to take advantage of beautiful aerial photos and video footage that likely no one else has. If your competitors do have aerial shots, chances are they paid ten times or more what you did (because they had to use a plane). Drone photography and videography from Gamayun Media just makes sound business sense. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your hotel, resort or golf course grow, call us today.