Aerial video production lets people see things in a new way.  It’s literally a fresh perspective to inform and inspire your audience.  Gamayun Media has mastered the art and science of documentary filming, and we can add a new dimension to your project. We use drone filming to capture shots beyond the reach of conventional aircraft, taking our high-definition cameras above, around, and through buildings and natural landscapes. Drone documentary video production gives us the power to create stunning and evocative sequences that perfectly complement footage shot from the ground, or from cranes and camera stabilizers. And unlike some aerial video production companies, Gamayun Media has the gear and expertise to fly cameras indoors, creating unique opportunities for documentary film making.

With Gamayun Media aerial video production, you show your audiences more than ever before, giving your message added impact.  Moreover, you can have this advantage at an affordable price, because Gamayun Media has invested in the right kind of efficient, effective aerial documentary filming technology.  Our fleet has options perfectly sized for any project, starting with the compact DJI Phantom 4 Pro.  This small yet powerful drone is one of the most sophisticated aerial camera platforms in history, with exceptional range and flight time, making it perfect for drone video production. One notch larger, the DJI Inspire 2 is a flexible and exceptionally stable platform equipped with the RAW X7R camera, delivering amazing image quality and up to 5.2K resolution. Finally, our Matrice M600 carries the RED EPIC 6K, a feature film-level camera. Like all our aerial video production platforms, the M600 also supports live-streaming video from mid-air, allowing us to offer you aerial video services like no other.

Gamayun Media is committed to drone video documentary production at the highest level, with a flight team that has more than a decade of experience, including airline pilots and aeronautical engineers.  With our aerial video production equipment, people, and unmatched video editing services, no shot is too difficult or dynamic. Aerial video documentary production service is ideally suited for companies involved in construction, real estate, sports and tourism, but it can add dramatic depth and energy to almost any project.   Now, you have the opportunity to soar above your competitors — starting with a call to Gamayun Media.