Creativity is at the heart of every dream. Every groundbreaking leap, every idea that changes the world started with a vision of skilled and proficient creators. At Gamayun Media, we give such creators the tools they require to bring their ideas to life. Our drones (a.k.a unmanned aerial vehicles "UAVs") can deliver the highest quality imagery at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography. Gamayun Media offers you a platform that enables you to capture images that are out of your reach from the ground. The camera stabilization and flying systems redefine the camera motion and placement. Have treasured personal memories, amazing videos and photos, high-end professional imagery captured by our drone's cameras with resolution up to 5.2K in the air and highest quality professional images captured on the ground with our Nikon D5 and Nikon 850 cameras.

Gamayun Media's multi-rotor drones offer stunning aerial photography and videography abilities with unprecedented stability, low altitude flight capabilities, and flexibility to fit almost any budget. Many industries are catching on to the use of drones such as real estate, marketing, event coverage, tourism and construction. Today, Gamayun Media is offering its services to several different industries. We are here to bring new perspectives to aerial imagery and to help other industries accomplish feats faster, safer and with greater efficiency than ever before. Utilizing the most modern technology with the most sophisticated camera systems and aircraft we deliver the best and highest quality videography and photography services for Barrie and Muskoka Region. Our state of the art drones operate at low noise levels and are capable of flying at high altitudes (maximum 120m). Unlike fixed wing aircraft or helicopters Gamayun Media is able to get within close proximity of the objects. Coupled with our state-of-the-art video and still camera systems we are being able to capture the highest resolution motion and still images to meet your entire aerial needs.

Gamayun Media has experience providing service to high-rise developers, condo owners, property managers and construction companies. Since Gamayun Media utilizes high-resolution up to 5.2K cameras and computers, we can add stunning aerial images and videos of your property to develop high interest. Gamayun Media high-quality drone technology that captures wide-angle shots of construction sites, commercial towers, road development, bridge installation, and promotional and marketing photography. We also provide time-lapse videography to show the project from start to completion. We can get buyers excited about your project by showing them pre-development views, and also the future of what the completed project would look like. Need high-end, 3D graphics and text overlays for your promotional video, not a problem.