Gamayun Media offers the best in aerial photography and videography services as well as conventional photography and videography. We capture the most stunning aerial videos and photos in up to 5.2K resolution, as well as high quality still images on the ground. We specialize in capturing unique and intimate nuances of residential and commercial real estate, architecture, infrastructure, special events, sporting events, business advertising, weddings and documentaries to name a few.

We consider ourselves leaders in affordable high quality media. Gamayun Media's drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are electrically powered and remotely controlled. The drones are capable of carrying large digital SLR and HD cameras and our flight skills produce unique angles and beautiful photography and videos. Our technological capabilities coupled with our creative drive nourish a media product that can be tailored for any client need.

Gamayun Media is Central Ontario dependable source for professional custom aerial photography and videography.  From Temagamy to Windsor and from Kingston to Sarnia and all points in between - Gamayun Media got the aircraft, equipment, and experienced professionals to get the job done the right way!  Be it life & safety organizations, real estate agencies, sports facilities, construction firms, film, TV, commercials or any other type of venture, we have you covered to either shoot the project or to teach you how to do it yourself. When it comes to overall quality, our track record speaks for itself.

Gamayun Media's premium imaging hardware (both standard imaging and thermal imaging ) coupled with a first-class flight control system to which few companies have access guarantees a finished product that will get the job done and will take your breath away! Gamayun Media employs not only high-quality, state of the art imaging hardware and extremely stable aircraft, but our cutting edge flight control systems are ever improving to provide our clients with the best possible result. Whether you are in need of architectural/ground photos, elevated, drone-based, or aerial photos, please contact us for initial consultation on our contact page to discuss your next project!


Gamayun Media‚Äôs pilots have over 2500 hours operating drones ("UAVs").  This allows Gamayun Media to fly complex and precise flight paths producing some of the most stunning aerial imagery in Canada.


Gamayun Media holds Special Flight Operations Certificates (flight permits) that allow us to fly almost anywhere in Ontario, day or night.  We carry an extensive liability insurance policy. 


Most of our equipment is designed and engineered in-house offering some of the best video stability in the industry.  Our drones can easily fly in winds up to 40km/h, offering smooth and precise flight even in the most challenging weather situations.